Animated Experimental Short Film – 2016 / 2017 – BRASIL  8′ HD

Fátima sees a shooting star and make a wish.
Outside she needs to deal with her monsters, being them real or not.

A Film by: Janaina da Veiga.



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Direction and Story/ Janaina da Veiga
Mentor/ Lucas Negrão
Editing and Lighting /Alexandre Spiacci
Color Grading /Lucas Negrão
Sound design and Sound Editor / Bruno Ito
Mixing / Stéfanos Pinkuss
Original Soundtrack / Machado Shannn
Additional Soundtrack: Glowe
Thanks To: Camila Macedo, Anti-glitch Foundation, Pedro Giongo, Rodrigo da Veiga.


Premiere: ANIMAKOM FEST 16 03 2017 – Bilbao SPAIN

Listen to MIRA’s OST by Machado Shannn here.